Siberian Larch Sawn Timber

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Siberian Larch Sawn Timber is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Top quality timber is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats, for exterior cladding of buildings, and interior paneling. In Central Europe larch is viewed as one of the best wood materials for the building of residences.

Siberian larch sawn timber benefits are an impressive dimensional stability, low cost of installation, low maintenance, high manufacturing standards.

* Siberian Larch timber widths are subject to change in response to changes in moisture levels. Sawn timber is kiln-dried to approx 16-18% prior to machining, but may vary between production and installation on site. Siberian Larch timber is dispatched from our swawmill at given sizes, but a margin of error should be used when producing decking layout drawings for expansion and contraction in the timber.

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Siberian Larch Sawn Timber Prices

Board size Price per linear meter (l/m) Price per square meter (m²)
25 x 100mm £1.85 – excl. vat (£2.22 incl. vat) £18.50 – excl. vat (£22.20 incl. vat)
25 x 125mm £2.30 – excl. vat (£2.76 incl. vat) £18.43 – excl. vat (£22.12 incl. vat)
25 x 150mm £2.77 – excl. vat (£3.32 incl. vat) £18.49 – excl. vat (£22.19 incl. vat)
32 x 125mm £2.94 – excl. vat (£3.53 incl. vat) £23.54 – excl. vat (£28.25 incl. vat)
32 x 150mm £3.53 – excl. vat (£4.22 incl. vat) £23.51 – excl. vat (£28.21 incl. vat)
50 x 100mm £3.68 – excl. vat (4.42 incl. vat) £36.8 – excl. vat (£44.16 incl. vat)
50 x 150mm £5.53 – excl. vat (£6.64 incl. vat) £36.84 – excl. vat (£44.21 incl. vat)

Siberian Larch Sawn Timber

With a lifespan of 50 -100 years when correctly detailed and subject to general outdoor exposure, siberian larch sawn timber is similar to Western Red Cedar. Better durability properties can only be achieved with Accoya wood.

Siberian Larch is valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Siberian Larch Timber is a good choice for a wide range of projects from large-scale construction to small self-builds. It is popular with architects and construction companies alike due to its aesthetic beauty, durability and longevity. Siberian Larch timber has been specified for residential and commercial applications—including schools, shops and sports facilities. The timber is resistant to rot when in contact with the ground, and is suitable for use as posts and in fencing.

The remarkable qualities and unique performance characteristics of Siberian Larch have led it to being referred to as “the tree of eternity”.

Compared to spruce and pine, Siberian larch timber is more weather-proof because of its more dense wood structure (about 40% higher density than spruce/pine) and high content of resin. Because of this, Siberian larch sawn timber doesn’t need extra treatment and can be installed in its natural state even in external conditions. Over time natural Siberian larch will obtain a grey shade in external conditions without losing its durability. However, if the natural colour of the timber is to be maintained this can be achieved on site by using a UV protection deck oil.

Siberian Larch sawn timber has a high percentage of heartwood and a minimum of sapwood. Dry timber is approx. 628kg / m³ with a moisture content of 18 – 16%. This higher density timber means it is not easily damaged and therefore is ideal for heavier traffic areas or applications where there is the chance of physical damage such as knocks or scrapes i.e. schools, shops, shopping centres. etc.

Technical Specifications

Type of wood: Siberian Larch
Quality class: Sawfalling I-IV
Dimensions (mm): 25 x 100 / 125 / 150 mm
32 x 125 / 150 mm
50 x 100 / 125 / 150 mm
Origin: Siberia from sustainable forests
Moisture: Dried to approx. 16 – 18 %
Density: 628kg / m³ when dry
Appearance The wood is a golden yellow colour with a strong grain pattern, similar to pine. Depending on the grade, the boards may include some, or many, dark knots.
Insect attack: Resistant
Impact and Abrasion: Resistant
Fire treatment: Possible by impregnation
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  1. Alex Barnes (verified owner)

    Bought oversized due to the grade of the timber, but as these were supplied already slightly oversized I didn’t lose to much on the original dimensions. After plaining there’s some lovely wood underneath and well worth the price, especially given how long larch lasts.

    Alex Barnes

  2. Simon Lydford (verified owner)

    Good quality timber, great communication and prompt delivery. I’ll definitely be ordering more timber from Nord Wood – thanks guys

    Simon Lydford

  3. mark willgoose

    ordered online thurs evening delivered sat morning !!! quality product at a good price

    mark willgoose

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