Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes Pini & Kay – Restaurant Grade

Sawdust charcoal is made from high density wood briquettes is generally agreed to be the best charcoal for restaurants and kitchens available! It lasts up to 5 times longer than normal charcoal and is used by Japanese restaurants, Turkish grills and many other discerning restaurant & home users. Although slightly more expensive than regular charcoal it will significantly reduce costs because of it’s long burn characteristics!

This charcoal is made for professional use and therefore provides fantastic heat for the maximum length of time.


Material High density wood briquettes
Boxes 10kg box (2200 boxes in container)
Approximately 92 boxes per pallet
Weight 10kg per box
22 tons on 24 pallets (per Container)

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Sawdust charcoal briquettes is produced by means of pyrolytic decomposition of own-produced “Pini&Kay” – like wood briquettes in industrial charcoal kilns of non-stop cycle. Total productivity of our kilns amounts to 350-400 metric tons per month. We source wood from sustainable woods of Siberia (Russia) same where we source our Siberian Larch timber. Wood briquettes “Pini&Kay” are produced from wood of fruit trees, mainly of apple and pear trees.

Main application of the sawdust charcoal briquettes “Pini&Kay” is a cooking on grill and barbeque. When burning, charcoal briquette produces a very small amount of smoke, soot and other harmful substances, and therefore it can be used even in rooms of restaurants and coffee bars without fearing that health rules established for public catering enterprises might be broken. The wood, from which charcoal briquette is made of, does not contain specific natural resign, which can cause an after-taste for cooked dishes, there are no sparks in the course of burning, no smell is emitted. Time of burning without losing the calorific capacity is 4-6 hours. Apart from cooking, the sawdust charcoal briquette “Pini&Kay” can be used as a fuel to heat rooms.

Advantages of using the sawdust charcoal briquettes “Pini&Kay” are as follows:

• You obtain the product with guaranteed quality and pre-defined parameters and geometrical dimensions;
• Advantageous ratio “efficiency, calorific value and time of burning – product price”;
• Owing to absence of sparks and foreign smells in the course of burning, the charcoal briquette is an ideal fuel for fireplaces;
• Charcoal briquette does not contain dioxide carbon, so you will not need an additional ventilation in the rooms;
• By using the charcoal briquette you can be absolutely sure that you will not harm the environment.

Sawdust charcoal briquettes “Pini&Kay” has the following properties and geometrical parameters:

Appearance: Solid (Briquettes)
Colour: Black
Flamability: 351 °C
Burning time 4-6 hours
Ash content: 83-90%
Moisture: 5%
Sulphur content: 0%
Volatile matter: 16-20%
Calorific value: 8100-8700 kcal
Geometrical dimensions: 50(D)*180(L) mm
Weight: 185 gram/piece.
Ignition time: 15-20 minutes

Ready charcoal briquettes are packed in cardboard boxes with size 384(L)*184(B)*225(H). One box contains 10kg ± 3% of charcoal briquettes. It does not fall into pieces on condition that transportation rules are observed.

Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes Prices

10kg box £10.30
92 boxes / per pallet £950
22 tons (2,200 boxes) £20,260

• Price available when ordering a full truck

• Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

• Free delivery to UK Mainland when ordering Full Truck

• We also ship to Europe. Please contact us for quotes.

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