Restaurant Grade Charcoal

Our Restaurant Grade Charcoal is made of premium quality hardwood charcoal and is the best option for restaurant and kitchens. Meatbusters charcoal comes with no additives and is produced to burn longer at a consistent temperature for more stable cooking. The hardwood charcoal doesn’t spark or spit as much as regular charcoal and produces much less smoke!

This charcoal is made for professional use and therefore provides fantastic heat for the maximum length of time.


Material  10l – Softwood, 5kg / 10kg – Hardwood
10l 238 bags per pallet
32 pallets per container (7616 bags)
5kg 68 bags per pallet
32 pallets per container (2176 bags)
10kg 33 bags per pallet
32 pallets per container (1056 bags)

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Delivered within 5 days
Delivered within 1-2 weeks

Home cooks are turning to restaurant grade produce and equipment when it comes to summer special meals. If you want to get an authentic end result for the finest home cooking, then go with restaurant grade charcoal. We source our wood from sustainable woods of Siberia (Russia) same from where we source our Siberian Larch timber.

Meatbusters Premium Quality Longlasting Restaurant Grade Charcoal has improved product quality and purity. Barbecue cooking already presents problems with toxicity and that charred food is not good in excess, so why would you want to go and add further toxic chemicals to your food? Restaurant grade charcoal can be lit without the need for chemicals and avoids that nasty aftertaste that would have customers up in arms, so why would you expect less at home?

Available in 10l, 5 or 10 kilo bags, our charcoal lasts longer, making it ideal for larger parties. This charcoal reaches cooking temperature quickly and when you’re done, it leaves only pure ash that can be safely added to compost or the garden. Meatbusters charcoal comes from ethical sources, something unlikely in consumer charcoal that is often imported from unmanaged sources. With all those benefits, restaurant grade charcoal is comparable in price to regular charcoal or briquettes, so make the change and enjoy better tasting food.

We also supply high density Sawdust Charcoal Briquettes “Pini & Kay” from few pallets to seasonal supplies. Sawdust charcoal briquettes are widely regarded as the best charcoal available! They last up to 5 times longer than standard charcoal and is used by Japanese restaurants, Turkish grills and many other discerning restaurant and home users. Please explore our shop to find out how we can help make your BBQs and other cooking experiences better.

Restaurant Grade Charcoal Prices

10 litres bags – Softwood £1.10 per bag
5kg bags – Hardwood £4.34 per bag
10kg bags – Hardwood £8.72 per bag

• 10% off when ordering 32 pallets (Full truck / container)

• Full truck Delivery time: 1-2 weeks

• Free delivery to UK Mainland when ordering Full Truck

• We also ship to Europe. Please contact us for quotes.

Please note: We always keep small quantity of this product in our warehouse as it sells really well. Free samples available.

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