Kindling Sticks

Our bags of kindling contains clean, perfectly cut to size kindling sticks which are easy to use in order to start a fire. Perfect for open fires, all types of stoves, barbeques, open stoves, fire pits, chimineas etc.

Kiln-Dried and cut 15 to 16 cm long and split to ~2cm diameter tiny pieces, just the right size to start any fire. Kindling Sticks perfect to use when your firewood is damp, not seasoned properly or if your firewood is too large to start on its own. Makes starting a fire easy. Size of pallets and bags is optional.


Humidity 10-15%
Packaging 9.5l Resistant plastic bag
1 bag = 3.0 kg
220 Bags per Pallet
Weight 660 kg / pallet

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Delivered within 5 days
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Kindling Sticks info and description

Our dry kindling sticks are made for open fires, stoves and barbecues. All our kindling sticks are sawn to an ideal size helping you get your fire off to a roaring start every time. Plastic bags are made entirely from waste packaging, so when you buy our kindling sticks you are helping protect the environment. For any mixes, pallet sizes please contact us via email:

Kids love to play with them when used as all natural building Blocks. They can build roads, train tracks, log homes and forts the most inexpensive toy you can buy, that kids will love and last a long time. After they are done you can start a fire to roast marshmallow! (Not responsible for splinters)

Easy to light

Perfect way to start any fire
Great for chimineas
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