Timber Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Fast delivery of wood products in United Kingdom. Wood products are neatly packed and loaded with lift-trucks. Wood is delivered by tidy, covered vehicles, wood products are protected from adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. Wood is delivered quickly, on time and always at the best prices.

Timber Delivery Processing Explained

Day 1 You make purchase – either same day or the following day your order will be prepared, stacked and packed. Delivery with our courier will be arranged.

Day 2 – 3 We will contact you via phone or email as soon as we confirm when your order will be delivered. Next day (or day after) your order will leave us to your address. When allocated we will send you Tracking ID or Driver’s phone number to your email or mobile number so that you can keep an eye on delivery progress. The driver might call you before arrival.

Our delivery service is 8am – 6pm, with rare exceptions. Please note that with delivery services we can’t give a 100% guarantee of the exact delivery date or time, so you must remain flexible when accepting deliveries. Depending from postcode, most of the orders about 75% are delivered on Day 2 or Day 3 after the day of dispatch. Standard delivery times are 2- 4 working days. If your order is received by 13:00 (working day), same day dispatch is guaranteed.

Order Placed

Delivery Window

Monday (by 13.00) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Tuesday (by 13.00) Thursday, Friday, Monday
Wednesday (by 13.00) Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Thursday (by 13.00) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Friday (by 13.00) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Saturday (any time) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sunday (any time) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Boards up to 4.2 meters long – 30 miles away from our Warehouse – delivery charge is £30. 140 miles away from our warehouse – delivery 0.70p per mile. All further distances calculated £1.20 per mile. Pallet delivery £1 per mile.

Boards over 4.2 meters long – Delivery in Boston £40. Long board delivery charge cost £2 per mile.

What if I’m not available to accept the delivery?

Note that before you make your purchase online, you must bare in mind that a clear and well detailed delivery instructions are required in all cases. Note that all our deliveries are kerbside only and it is up to the driver’s discretion whether to place the pallet elsewhere.

If you are not available or at home when the delivery takes place, or unable to answer the phone, someone else will need to be there to sign for the delivery. If there is nobody available to accept or sign for the delivery, we will leave the timber or firewood on the kerb. If the crate can not be left on the kerb side safely, then your crate will be delivered back to the local distribution warehouse. Please note that re-delivery will incur an extra re-delivery charge of min £40.00 + surcharges where applicable.

Nord Wood Timber Delivery Van

The delivery vehicle is at least 2.8m wide and 3.6 m high so please make sure there is sufficient space for easy access. The surface must be hard and level – it cannot be grass or inclined. Please note that the pallet cannot be delivered where the access road does not provide 10 feet (3.4m) width clearance and 14 feet (4.3m) height clearance. Ensure your access is clear and wide enough and even for heavy palletised goods transportation.